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Rolled Up Rugs

Expert Repair & Restoration of Fine Handmade - New, Old and Antique Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

  • Traditional, Thorough Hand-Washing

  • No Harsh Chemicals/Solvents

  • No Mechanical Equipment

  • Wool Safe Products

  • Stain and Odor removal

  • Moth proofing

  • Rug repairs/reweaving, new fringe/rebinding

  • Buy used rugs

  • Custom rug pads

  • Pick up & delivery available

Click here to read our 9 Step Hand-washing Process

Two Fabrics
Carpet on Wooden Floor

Air Dusting

Air Dusting is the safest pre-cleaning process for rugs. It uses powerful but soft compressed air to completely eliminate any dry soil in your rugs. 

Notice all of the dust particles that have been removed from the rug.

SUBMERSION WASH combined with a disinfectant bath makes this a healthy cleaning. The compression wringer action  assures that all cleaning agents and soils are purged.

Our "jacuzzi-like" air/rinse system cleans your rugs so thoroughly, you can even drink the rinse water after we're finished.

Our controlled Drying environment allows for speed & efficiency to protect the rugs in process.

Post Detailing and fringes are then addressed as the finishing touches.

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