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Rolled Up Rugs

The History of Pacific Coast

Open Operating Since June of 1980

Pacific Coast Oriental Rug and Carpet Care began with Bauer’s Rug and Carpet cleaning company. Gary Bauer, owner of former business, instituted a rug and carpet cleaning business in 1980. He developed a reputation for excellence and continued to develop skills in other areas of cleaning. Gary attended workshops and the prestigious Auserehlian Company. He attained  the IICRC Master Certification and Oriental Rug Specialist.  

In 1995, Bauer’s opened their own rug washing plant.  It was the only rug cleaning facility from Sacramento to the Oregon border that had a wash pit capable of fully submerging rugs for the proper cleaning procedure 
needed to care for fine rugs.  Bauer’s became known as the finest rug cleaning company in Northern California.   

Image by Erfan Banaei
Image by Ryan Christodoulou

Now Bauer’s Carpet & Oriental Rug Care has carefully transitioned to an experienced cleaning company- Pacific Coast Oriental Rugs and Carpet Cleaning. 
Our technicians are already trained in IICRC standards, and are prepared to tend to the customer’s every need.   Gary Bauer continues to work alongside providing
additional training and expert, dexterous guidance. 


Pacific Coast Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning strives to maintain a reputation of efficiency, quality and expert

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