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“Thanks, for doing such a wonderful job on my carpets. I watched you and Jeff clean the houses on both sides of me, that took twice as long as my cleaner in the past took with only 1 person. I guess you do get what you pay for. I also, was impressed with the way the traffic areas came back to life, just like you said they would. We had an accident in the family room with a bottle of “ketchup”, and because you recommended putting a protector on, it all came out!! You and Jeff truly are worth every penny!”

- Lorna Marquez

“Thanks for your quick response to my problem. You guys come highly recommended. It is nice to have someone you can rely on and have total trust in. We will definitely use you again.”

- Polly & Paul Hrynkiewicz – Legacy Builders

"Thanks for returning our rug in such good condition. You seem to take as much care with your smaller jobs as with your larger jobs."

- Judy Riley

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on all the rugs, I truly appreciate it. You'll always have our business, Thanks again."

- Klare H.

"I had no idea you could get the glue or whatever it was off the bench seat. I planned on reupholstering that part because I thought it was a lost cause. Thank You!


My entry rug matches the colors in my room now. My remodel really did a "number on it" but it is "good to go." I love wool! Thanks."

- Tina

"Thanks so much for the carpet and rug cleaning. You did a fantastic job and the extra cleaning was a nice surprise. See you next time!"

- Marsha

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